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Couples Counselling

Closing the Communication Gap

Couples therapy can involve a whole range of different kinds of romantic relationship constellations. Therefore, holding of assumptions and taking a stance of discovery helps meet and help each couple and respects their own understanding and constructions of their relationship. This is a critical stance for effective couple’s therapy.

Dr. Mike Dadson finds that there often exists a gap in the awareness, skills or styles of communication and conflict resolution that couples have.

Dr. Michael Dadson Identifies 5 Issues that May Cause Trouble for Couples:

1. The first is a low sense of self-worth and self-esteem; or a belief that one’s worth or value isn’t high. In therapy, the goal is to address both the belief, thinking, and the feeling of worthlessness or sadness or even self-hatred, that can be the driving points of depression or anxiety in a person.

2. The second issue is relationship conflicts, whether its couples’, siblings, or even friends, where the inability to manage their day-to-day relationships can be a fundamental source of anxiety and depression.

3. Trauma resulting from unresolved grief, such as unfinished business or the loss of a loved one, can evoke feelings where there is anxiety of avoidance; of trying to go back in time to revisit the past; or depression manifesting in the form of anger at one’s self- which acts to distract them from the grief that has not been resolved.

4. Relationship adjustments and transitions can create stuck roadblocks to growth and change.  Feeling caught and frozen between different directions can be an underlying cause of both anxiety and depression. It is hard to think outside the box when we are stuck in the box. Hearing an outside voice help you see yourself and your situation can provide you with perspective and empowerment to move through the change.

5. While depression and anxiety have a physiological basis, doctors are prescribing medication to try and heal them. Many doctors are recommending therapy in lieu of or as a supplement to medication so consider asking your doctor if they think counselling might be right for you.

“Once see the gap in communication we can start to help them find their way back to each other.”

Dr. Mike Dadson also notes, “Couples are often surprised to discover that their partner is often not that far away from them in terms of their perspectives once communication is restored.”

Dr. Michael Dadson understands how individuals in couples’ relationships both are socially and culturally trained to think and behave differently. “They are biologically different”, states Dr. Dadson. 

These differences can contribute to the gaps in understanding, and they can operate outside of awareness of both partners.

Dr. Mike Dadson adds:

For example, both may have differing viewpoints about what the issues are and why to seek therapy. On average, men are more averse to help seeking.  Women on average are more open to engage in help seeking. Once men recognize the team approach to therapy they can fully enter and enjoy many aspects of growing with their partner.

As a couples’ therapist, one of Dr. Michael Dadson’s roles is to make some of these differences explicit and help couples naturally rediscover the authentic connection, they have with each other.

Dr. Mike Dadson can analyze the difference in communication styles and processing styles that exist between both women and men. Dr. Dadson  can help translate through these cultural gaps and help women to gain a clear understanding of how men can work in relationships differently than them. Dr. Dadson can meet men where they are at and help them find new way to relate to the women that they love. Sometimes men appreciate a direct forthright approach to help clarify what his partner actually needs.

Being in relationships for life can be daunting and difficult, as well as satisfying and fulfilling. Maintaining a healthy relationship over time takes ongoing adjustments, efforts, and insight. Living with someone through a range of natural developmental changes in both the individual and the relationship takes growing new and successful skills. Dr. Mike Dadson indicates, ”There can be a fear about entering into therapy, but once individuals are able to relax and feel comfortable in a accepting and non-judgement setting based on mutual respect and co-created with him.” Dr. Dadson has observed this is when  couples actually start to enjoy the process of therapy and even can look forward to coming.

Dr. Michael Dadson will work closely with and respecting both partners to help bridge the communication gap and find their way back to each other. Through a combination of narrative, cognitive, behavioral and process experiential approaches therapy, Michael Dadson continues to help couples acquire the necessary skills they need to reconnect and live happier, more harmonious lives together.