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Trauma Counselling

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson), indicates:

When many people think of the word “trauma”, they often associate the word with war veterans or survivors of extreme abuse. While these people have certainly survived serious traumas and would be at risk for developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma itself is defined more broadly. In fact, trauma can be defined as any negative and unexpected experience that results in feelings of fear for your life, or witnessing this type of threat, being overwhelmed, shocked, confused, and/or powerless.

For example, neglect has been found to be extremely traumatic for children (Schore, 2003; van der Kolk, 1994), notes Dr. Dadson. However, throughout development (and life in general) it can be difficult to put words to the experience because the injury comes from the absence of something necessary rather than the presence of something tangibly wrong, like bruises.

Dr. Mike Dadson observes:

Relational traumas (i.e. emotional abuse) can be similarly difficult to deal with or acknowledge as traumatic, yet can have a serious effect on one’s self-esteem and well-being. Sometimes it can be the accumulation of smaller traumas that leads someone to find an otherwise manageable situation unbearably difficult. There are many types, and degrees, of trauma that can affect one’s ability to function day-to-day, whether it be in relationships with self and others or at work or school.

Dr. Michael Dadson and his team work with the entire spectrum of traumatic experiences, including (but not limited to):

At Gentle Currents Therapy, (Dr. Mike Dadson’s Counselling Clinic), the goal is to provide a gentle, non-threatening counselling experience that will facilitate healing and relief of posttraumatic symptoms. Dr. Michael Dadson point out  “when trauma results in feeling out of control, your counsellor will use approaches that help to empower you without overwhelming you or giving you more than you can handle”. Working through trauma is not easy. Dr. Dadson concludes “You will have a compassionate and supportive counsellor to help you throughout the process”.

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