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Motivational Interviewing with Dr. Mike Dadson

Motivational interviewing evolved from person centered, or client centered therapy.
It is a method that helps people commit to the difficult process of change.

Dr. Dadson observes:

Rollnick, who helped develop the method says, “the more you try to insert information and advice into others, the more they tend to back off and resist.” “Put simply, this involves coming alongside the person and helping them to say why and how they might change for themselves.”

Motivational interviewing helps people resolve ambivalent feelings about change and address their insecurities.  It has been clinically research and found to help  people find the internal motivation they need to change their behavior. It is intended to be a practical, empathetic, and short-term process.

Dr. Mike Dadson defines:

Motivational interviewing can be effective when used to address addictions, smoking, weight loss, medication adherence, cancer care, diabetes care and others.

              The main role of the interviewer is to encourage clients to talk about change and their need for change and through empathy, supporting self-efficacy, working with resistance, and addressing the discrepancies.  The interviewer is supportive, listens and reflects back the client’s thoughts and providing space for the client’s dissonance and conflict about change.

              The goal is to increase the person’s motivation for change and help the person to make the commitment to make those changes.

              Motivational interviewing is best conducted by the health professional who is empathetic and supportive as well as a good listener.