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Individual Counselling

Helping People Overcome Challenges in Life

Dr. Mike Dadson is certified in a number of therapies and diagnostic screening methods. Using these therapies and screening techniques, Dr. Michael Dadson support clients to understand the underlying root causes of their issues to address unhealthy patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Individual counselling offers a client one to one support and therapy with Dr. Mike Dadson. In a comfortable, safe, atmosphere with a non-judgemental approach, Mike Dadson support clients and tailors a counselling approach to suit their needs.

Dr. Dadson can address issues relating to:

The Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Society

Depression and anxiety are among the leading reasons why patients seek counselling from Dr. Dadson. “They are like two sides of the same coin; the issues underlying anxiety and depression

are quite similar,” Dr.Mike Dadson states, and further goes on to explain there are four things that can be at the core of anxiety and depression.

4 Causes At The Core of Anxiety and Depression

  1. The first is a low sense of self-worth and self-esteem; or a belief that one’s worth or value isn’t high. In therapy, the goal is to address both the belief, thinking, and the feeling of worthlessness or sadness or even self-hatred, that can be the driving points of depression or anxiety in a person.
  1. The second issue is relationship conflicts, whether its couples’, siblings, or even friends, where the inability to manage their day-to-day relationships can be a fundamental source of anxiety and depression.
  1. Trauma resulting from unresolved grief, such as unfinished business or the loss of a loved one, can evoke feelings where there is anxiety of avoidance; of trying to go back in time to revisit the past; or depression manifesting in the form of anger at one’s self- which acts to distract them from the grief that has not been resolved.
  1. While depression and anxiety have a physiological basis, doctors are prescribing medication to try and heal them. Many doctors are recommending therapy in lieu of or as a supplement to medication so consider asking your doctor if they think counselling might be right for you.