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About Dr. Mike Dadson (Michael Dadson)

About Dr. Dadson

Dr. Mike Dadson is the Clinical Director of Gentle Currents Therapy.

Due to Mike Dadosn’s highly specialized training in the treatment of both compound and traumatic stress disorders, Dr. Dadson has presented numerous workshops and papers on the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders and dissociative disorders at scientific conferences and in university and business settings.

Trained in several process experiential modalities and advanced training in, CBT, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AEDP, Enactment Therapy and Group Therapy and Trauma, Dr. Michael Dadson has been training and developing therapist for over 20 years.

In addition, Dr. Michael Dadson is a published academic author  of a variety of papers on trauma, trauma recovery, dissociation and stress in professional journals and magazines.

As a past Fellow and board member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, Dr. Dadson was on the advisory board for the Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma at the University of British Columbia, and the National Clinical Director of the Veterans Transition Network. In many of these roles Mike Dadson designed, trained and supervised therapists for over 20 years.

dr michael dadson

Dr. Mike Dadson’s Core Beliefs and Values

At the heart of Dr. Dadson’s core belief system lies the fact that each and every individual has value and deserves to be accepted and respected. Regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion or race, Michael Dadson’s practice is an environment of safety and acceptance where everyone is included and provided with the proper tools and skill sets to help them navigate their current challenges in life.

These beliefs have allowed Mike Dadson’s Langley, BC counselling practice to flourish for decades, by recognizing that it is important and healthy to be open and discuss any feelings or stress issues affecting one’s life in a therapeutic setting. When provided with the foundation for new skills, people have the ability to change; and central to this is Dr. Michael Dadson’s belief that every person is able to realize and discover their own value through inner reflection.