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Group Therapy

Dr. Mike Dadson has, for decades, helped people from all walks of life

Dr. Mike Dadson has, for decades, helped people from all walks of life to rediscover purpose, meaning and to enjoy an more enhanced quality of living. As a renowned expert in working with men, he is an expert in group therapy. 

Dr. Michael Dadson has lead national and international training events, teaching other psychologists, therapist and counsellors advanced group techniques and specialized interventions. Dr. Dadson limits the number of groups he offered each year at his agency but if you are interested call or ask for more information.  Although he began by specializing in men’s groups, Dr. Mike Dadson has also offered advanced training across Canada that specialize in women’s groups.  Imortantly, Dr. Michael Dadson has advanced skills and experience addressing topics like sextual trauma, relationship abuse and eating disorders and occupational stress injuries in a group context. 

Group Therapy for Men

As society has become more open and sensitive toward discussing the mental problems that men face, Dr. Mike Dadson recognizes that one of the ways for a therapist to effectively work with their patients is to envision their role as being like the coach of a team; guiding and helping men work together to heal- on their own terms and through their own processes as a group.

Dr. Michael Dadson reports:

Therapeutic outcomes have been found to significantly improve when men work together as a team. Mental health issues are often addressed more effectively in group settings where men are working together- versus in individual therapy sessions.

Requirements For Group Counselling Members

In order to see if Dr. Mike Dadson’s group therapy sessions are the right fit, a pre-group screening is required to ensure that each person will fit well with the dynamics of the group. Requirements are the following:

  • Each member will engage the group, while working as a team member and helping out the other group members.
  • Each member will maintain confidentiality- for each participant and for the group as a whole.
  • Each member will put forth a positive and non-judgmental attitude.(needs period)
  • Each member will work as hard as they can to maintain and meet their goals. Dr. Mike Dadson strongly recognizes that as on any team, the combined individual effort of each member is worth more than just the sum of its parts- and that when one person succeeds, the entire group succeeds.

Ways to engage with the group include:

  • Establishing the basic goals of the group.
  • Establishing the rules of engagement.
  • Making the group a safe construction zone.
  • Building a place of belonging for each group member.
  • Creating the space for empowerment.
  • Generating and deepening change.

The goal of the group is to have the following outcomes:

  • Gaining insight in one’s own goals, growth, and healing
  • Learning how to cocreate healing space with other group members.
  • Experience healing for self and others.
  • Experiencing behavioral changes that result from resolving barriers to change.  
  • To celebrate their own growth- both personally and as a team.